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The Dresden Effect

Combining the Dresden Files and Mass Effect since 2010

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Name:The Dresden Effect
Website:Cast List
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Community description:A private Dresden Files/Mass Effect crossover RP
The Dresden Effect
Created by [info]darkjediprincess and [info]martyfan
Commander Amarantha Shepard was hunting down Geth stragglers when she ran through a Rift in space and time, trapped in the past in an alternate Chicago for a year. There she met and fell in love with one Harry Dresden.

When the Wanderers went back through a reversed Rift, Dresden joined her. Then they were ambushed...

- Commander Shepard (Kat)
- Jeff “Joker” Moreau (Ael)
- Tali'Zorah vas Neema (Kat)
- Garrus Vakarian (Ael)
- Urdnot Grunt (Ael)
- Legion (Ael)
- Cerberus/Normandy Crew (Kat)
- The Collectors (Ael)
The Raith Deeps were about to explode, and Harry Dresden was about to play Human Canonball. He was propelled through a Rift, and woke in an alternate Chicago with Commander Shepard standing over him, pointing a gun at him. It became a classic romance of boy meets girl.

By the time the Rift was reversed, he and Shepard had drawn so close to one another that Harry was swept up in Shepard’s wake, and joined her on the Normandy SR-1, only to lose her anyway...

- Harry Dresden (Ael)
- Bob the Skull (Kat)
- Mouse (Kat)
- Ebenzar McCoy (Kat)
Mass Effect 1 & 2 are property of BioWare and Electronic Arts. The Dresden Files are property of Jim Butcher and Roc Publishing.
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